Is keratin spa good for hair?

Is Keratin Hair spa is good for hair?

Looks natural to straight. Even though it’s not a straightening process, it gives the hair a straight look which looks natural. Hair protection: Keratin treatment protects your hair from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damages since hair is less prone to breakage and damage because of the serum.

Which is best keratin or hair spa?

Hair keratin will be best for you. If you want to take care of your hair lightly then you can take a hair spa. Having a hair spa once a month provides hair care. This is the best treatment for hair care.

What are the disadvantages of hair spa?

Disadvantages Of Hair Spa

  • It has to be done regularly for results. Hair spa treatments are effective only when done regularly. …
  • May appear to be a huge investment. Hair spa treatment prices typically range between Rs. …
  • May fade hair color. …
  • Hair spa treatments alone don’t do anything.

Can hair spa thicken hair?

As a hair spa stimulates the scalp and the roots of your hair, it assists in making your hair follicles stronger than ever. … Regular hair spas encourage the growth of stronger, thicker, and healthier hair, thus increasing its overall volume and body.

Is smoothening better than keratin?

Basically, if you’re happy with your waves and curls, but would love to cut down on frizz (and loosen your texture a bit), you should try a smoothing treatment. If you want your hair to look flat-ironed straight, go for the Keratin treatmemnt/Brazilian blowout.

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Does hair spa cause baldness?

Hair spas normalize the secretion of oil on your scalp.

Sebum protects the scalp and nourishes the hair around the scalp. Though sebum secretion is good for you, excess sebum production can make your hair oily and greasy. This excess production clogs the pores of your scalp it causes hair loss.