How do you bleach Remy hair extensions?

Is it OK to bleach hair extensions?

High quality hair extensions can withstand bleach

In addition to the first point, there actually nothing wrong with using bleach on high-quality hair extensions. Take note of the keyword – high-quality. Sure, your $20 hair extensions may become burned if you attempt to do this.

Can you bleach Remy blue hair?

Can I bleach my halo hair extensions? … You can’t bleach any hair extensions lighter (unless it’s pure virgin hair). This is because Remy hair is already chemically processed, so adding another chemical (the bleach) creates a different reaction that can affect the texture and quality of the hair.

Why are my extensions not bleaching?

Is your hair human? The first thing to look at is whether the hair extensions you want to dye are actually human hair. If they’re synthetic hair, you won’t be able to colour them because synthetic hair is made from plastic. If you’re not sure if your hair extensions are human or synthetic, you can do a burn test.

Can I make my extensions lighter?

Going Light

We highly recommend that you never, ever bleach or lighten your extensions as this will damage the hair. However, if you wish bleach the hair, you can do so.

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Do you dye your hair before or after extensions?

Color the Extensions Before Installing Them

Always color hair extensions before you install them into the hair. Not only will they be easier to work with when they’re not attached to the client’s head, it will save you (the stylist) time in the long run!

Can I bleach synthetic hair extensions?

If your synthetic wig, hairpiece, extensions, or weave has knots, can you still bleach it? Luckily, yes, you can! Synthetic hair with knots reacts just like other synthetic hair does to bleach. The only thing you’ll have to be careful of is making sure the entire strands are covered with bleach.

Can you bleach Remy human hair?

Yes. Remy extension are 100% human hair and can be bleached and colored just like regular human hair. … Quality human hair extensions should be virgin so there wouldn’t be anything to strip. If they are colored, you can remove the dye with the same process you would use on regular hair.

Where do Remy hair extensions come from?

The Remy Hair Process and Color

Remy style hair extensions are initially collected from mostly females who voluntarily donate their hair typically because of religious beliefs and reasons. These donated hair extensions are than processed in a factory for export.

Can you use heat on Remy hair?

Just like you can use heat on your own natural hair, you can use heat on Remy hair to style it the same way. It’s made from natural human hair so it can withstand heat. It is important that you buy your extensions from a trusted brand that will not mix synthetic hair into the Remy hair.

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How can you tell if your hair extensions are human hair?

The Flame/Burn Test

This is the one foolproof way of knowing for sure whether the hair is real or synthetic; Pull a couple of long strands of hair out and hold them above a flame – make sure you use a lighter or an unscented candle. If the hair singes and burns upwards while smelling like burnt hair – it is real.