Can passion twists damage your hair?

Do twists cause hair loss?

Tight ponytails, cornrows, buns, chignons, twists and other hairstyles that pull on the scalp for prolonged periods can result in irreversible hair loss, a medical condition known as traction alopecia.

How long can you keep passion twist in your hair?

As the creator of Passion Twists, Rogers says the style can last up to two months. Though, a touchup can help extend wear for a few weeks. Like other twisted styles, smaller twists last longer and provide both volume and fullness.

Is passion twist good for natural hair?

They can be easily installed DIY style and can be worn short, medium or long. Passion twists with color look great as do ombre colored twists. Additionally, passion twists on natural hair are an ideal protective style for the summer.

Can playing with your hair cause hair loss?

Playing with your hair can cause baldness.

Running your fingers through your hair or playing with your hair is not going to cause baldness. These actions can be a sign of stress however, which can be a contributor for hair loss. The obsessive action of pulling out your hair is different to playing with your hair.

How do you protect passion twists at night?

Keeping your passion twists well at night is a key factor to having a long install and preventing tangling. Remember to tie your hair up at night and use a satin bonnet or scarf. Silk is also a good material to use.

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