What can I do about bald spots in my lawn?

How do you treat bald grass?

You can also fix a bare patch with turf – either bought new, or cut from another part of the garden. Lay the piece of new turf over the bare patch and cut around its outline through the grass below. Put the new turf aside and lift the square of old grass out, lightly forking over the soil surface.

Why is my grass getting bald spots?

What Causes Bare Spots In My Lawn? If you notice Bare Spots in your otherwise lush, green and healthy lawn, they could be the result of excessive foot traffic, poor soil conditions, pet urine, grub infestation, chemical spills, fungal disease, buried rocks, or a variety of other things.

Will watering dead grass bring it back?

Give it a water or wait for rain

Sometimes, grass can look pretty dry and dead because it’s lacking hydration. If you have dry grass, give it a quick water (if water restrictions permit), or wait for rain to come. Sometimes, this can revitalise grass and bring it back to its natural green colouring.

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